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Integrated Annual Report 2021
Financial Report 2021

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Our Approach to Sustainability

MRCB’s Sustainability Journey and Corporate Sustainability Goals

Innovation and sustainability are well embedded into our business, notably with the innovation of our modular construction technology, MRCB Building System (MBS), and our role as a TOD developer, that integrates green certified commercial and residential developments around transportation hubs, which encourages the use of sustainable materials and public transportation that helps reduce carbon emissions from personal vehicles. We have taken an increasingly proactive approach in how we report our environmental impact, and are constantly working towards improving our sustainability initiatives.

Build Liveable and Resilient Communities, Care for Environment, Drive Sustainable Growth
Embedded ESG into Our Business
Develop green-certified buildings and sustainable TODs that integrate living and working spaces around transportation hubs
Build world-class infrastructure to improve connectivity
Engage and develop long-term partnerships with internal and external stakeholders
Create value for all
Sustainable and Resilient Business
Net Zero Carbon by 2040 (Scope 1 & Scope 2)
Sustainable Procurement
Industry Leader